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The Wanderer Bracelet - Working With Broadside

Working With Broadside

We’re all about the creative process at Full Circle Co., which is why it was a no-brainer to start collaborating with awesome musicians who could help take our recycled drum cymbal artwear to the next level of originality.

We teamed up with one of our favorite bands, Broadside, for a limited edition "The Wanderer" bracelet. The bracelet speaks to the meaning in their latest album Into the Raging Sea.

The Concept 

You may be asking, “Who is The Wanderer?” Broadside describes The Wanderer as a larger than life creature perfectly at home in a raging sea, but that “on the best nights, when...the creature stands still enough...: [people] look down into the calmness of the sea and see themselves. They smile in awe of the reminder that someone is there.” And now that powerful reminder is engraved on recycled drum cymbals!

For the specific design, we went with a detailed engraving of a zoomed out version of The Wanderer, perfectly representing the artwork from Into The Raging Sea. The texture and detail on this turned out so rad. We’re of course loving that this cymbal had a previous life helping someone on their musical journey, and that we were able take the broken pieces and give it a new and meaningful life. Whoa, deep!

The Demand

Call us surprised and so grateful - we were blown out of the water by the demand for this bracelet! We were only going to make 20 and somehow ended up making much more than that by the time all was said and done. Shop opened on “The Wanderer” bracelet on July 8th on Full Circle and on Broadside’s page, and within just 3 business days, every bracelet was made and shipped out. Whew! We were tired. But so happy!

The Purpose

Not only do we love collaborating with artists on their musical journey here at Full Circle Co., we also love to see how artists use these collaborations as a chance to do some good in the world. That’s why it was amazing to watch Broadside turn around donate the entire portion of their profits to The Trevor Project. And to think, all this goodness started with a recycled drum cymbal headed for the trash heap!