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About Full Circle Company

Full Circle Co. started in the summer of 2018 when I had a thought - “what can I do with my broken cymbals?” As an avid drummer, I was intrigued by the process of making a cymbal. The materials used, the shape of the metal, the hand hammered process, the different weights, sounds and finishes. This was no easy process, which made the cymbals I chose that much more meaningful.

My cymbals helped me learn different beats, toured the country with me, and even helped me teach other people drums. So when I would break cymbals, I was devastated. And I couldn’t just throw them away or return them. Again I found myself asking, “What can I do with my broken cymbals?”

With the help of some friends, I knew we could create something from these cymbals that was still a form of expression, even if they were cracked. We loved the idea of taking something that is old, broken and unwanted and turning it into something new. I've worn jewelry but I've never been a flashy person, but I really liked the idea of wearing jewelry that not only looks amazing, but has a story.

After a year of research and development, countless tweaks and making sure we could actually take bashed material and make it beautiful - Full Circle Co. was born. The name Full Circle comes from the fact that a cymbal is a circle, but also from the material we use coming full circle.

Each product from Full Circle Co. has a past history that spans years - from the transformation of metal to a usable cymbal, then to the owner of that cymbal using it to further their musical passion, and now into your hands to carry on that legacy.

We are excited to be able to save the lives of drum cymbals, but more importantly, we are grateful to have the opportunity to have you as a customer and offer you something beautiful and meaningful.

Rock on! \m/

Liz Aponte

Liz Aponte + the Full Circle Co. team