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Drummer Spotlight - Daniel Potts

The Full Circle Co. community is made up of amazing people and Daniel Potts is no exception. In our drummer spotlight, we highlight a community member who also happens to be an incredible drummer.

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Daniel, tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Daniel Potts, I am an armless drummer from SoCal. I have been playing drums for 15 years. I started playing drums because of the terrible movie called “Drumline” lol. I have only had a year and a half of formal lessons, the rest of my knowledge came from youtube or Mike Johnston.

Where are you originally from?
I am from Moreno Valley, California.

What did you dream about doing for a living when you were growing up?
I honestly wanted to an air force pilot, but music found me instead. 

What was your first CD/cassette tape?
It was a Christian rock band by the name of Skillet and the album was called Comatose

What's the first drumkit you ever owned?
My first kit was a Sound Percussion 4 piece kit.

Tell us about the gear you currently play
I currently play a 2 up 1 down custom SJC maple kit in blue pearl finish with black hardware. I have a matching maple snare and a steel snare both are 14”x6.5”. I also use Zildjian cymbals, aquarian heads, and vic firth sticks 5B’s  

What's the biggest gig you've ever played?
I spoke and played at my uncle’s school that he teaches at and it was 700 kids including teachers.

What's your most memorable musical experience?
I think the most memorable experience was a few Sundays ago playing drums at a new church.

What are you practicing right now?
I am currently working on transferring rudiments from the pad to the kit.

How did you hear about Full Circle Co?
It was this past Namm and my good friend Ashlyn Shanafelt, wanted to stop by the full circle booth and I was like I want everything! Lol

What do you like most about Full Circle Co?
I love that the products are recycled cymbals and that the owner is a drummer. That to me is my favorite thing about the company. Plus, Liz is literally the nicest person on the planet!

Favorite Full Circle Co. piece?
I own the black triangle, the black dog tag, and a bracelet. They are all my favorite and I mean that!

What's your favorite food?
Oh, I love Italian food and burgers! Not together haha!

What's your favorite movie?
The Lion King for sure!

Coffee or Tea?

What are some other things we should know about you (interests, awards, etc)?
I am endorsed by SJC, Zildjian, 64audio, Big Fat Snare Drum, Tyler’s Butt Wax (Drumstick wax), and Drumtacs. I’m also a huge baseball/soccer fan. In all honesty if any sports game is on tv I usually get caught up watching it haha.

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