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Making Of: The J-Burd Collection with Jessica Burdeaux

Full Circle Co. has partnered up with incredible drummer and friend Jessica Burdeaux (aka: @jburdsbeats) for the J-Burd Collection, which is available until Oct 4, 2020 and you can check out here. Read on to learn more about how this collaboration came to be and the dual meaning behind the logo!

Once Upon A Time at NAMM...

It's crazy to think that NAMM 2020 actually happened! Over 100,000 people at the Anaheim Convention Center in mid January - but it was an exciting time for Full Circle Co. as it was our first time having a booth at the convention.

This is where we met Jessica Burdeaux. Being a drummer myself, I had obviously been a fan of Jessica's for quite some time after seeing her videos on Instagram (I'm sure you can relate...). She was kind enough to even have a signing at our booth!

We talked about a future collaboration, so I asked her, "I know you use the rocket emoji 🚀  but do you have a logo?! And she said, "Not really!".

We Need A Logo!

While I'm not sure of the trademarks of emojis, we saw this as an opportunity to create a logo that was meaningful, awesome and could be etched onto recycled cymbal products.

We enlisted the help of my friend Joseph Young, who created the Full Circle Co. logo + branding and is a graphic design genius! You can check out his work here.

Rocket + Bird = Awesome

One of my favorite parts of any collaboration with an artist is going through the creative process and really getting to know the artist and where they come from. When I asked Jessica for ideas on what the logo could be, she replied

I want to combine a rocket + a bird. My nickname has been J-Burd for years because of my name, Jessica Burdeaux. For that reason, people have always associated my name with an actual bird. When I started posting drum videos, I changed all of my social media handles to J-Burd's Beats.

When I started studying with my drum teacher, he used the word "blast" or "blasting" all the time. Eventually, I started saying it all the time too, I texted him the rocket ship emoji one day, and the rest was history. It essentially means to keep working hard and stay focused...gotta keep blastin'!

Here are some of the logo concepts that Joseph came up with

Product Creation

Now that we had a logo, it was time to figure out what products to put this on! We went through many different products, laser techniques, etc

but finally was...

Ready for Liftoff 🚀

The J-Burd collection is now available, which includes a drum key, necklace and bracelet - all made from cymbals that were broken and were about to be sold for scrap. We are also offering Jessica's signed + used drumsticks!

Check out the collection here until October 4th!