(3 Pack) Dark 12 Bar - Reclaimed Cymbal Bracelets

(3 Pack) Dark 12 Bar

Reclaimed Cymbal Bracelets
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Buy 3 and save! This is for a 3 PACK of our Dark reclaimed cymbal bracelet!

This bracelet isn't just in the shape of a bar, we've named it the 12 Bar bracelet as an homage to the popular blues progression that makes up so many wonderful songs.

  • Cymbal piece is 1.25" x 0.5"
  • Easily adjustable 1.5mm paracord
  • Water resistant, but for longest life keep away from water
  • Reclaimed from broken cymbals made from bronze, engraved Full Circle Company logo on one side, painted black
  • Polished exterior finish
  • Due to the reclaimed nature of the cymbals we use, each product is different. You may receive a piece that slightly differs than what is pictured
  • Made in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 30 day returns + 1 year warranty

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