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That's a Wrap on 2020!


I think we can all agree that 2020 was an insanely hot mess and unexpected as can be. We saw a pandemic that closed down a lot of our normal activity and endangered a lot of people, social unrest and an election. But within that, we saw unity, people fighting for one another, and us all knowing that we're in this together. It was quite the ride!


For Full Circle Co., we didn't know if we would survive! Starting with an amazing kickoff of attending the NAMM convention in January, to everything being halted in March, to endless ups and down - we're SO proud to say that Full Circle Co. made it through and is stronger than ever! We saved and repurposed a LOT of cymbals, worked with some amazing artists, and, most importantly, got to send thousands of customers their reclaimed cymbal orders in lots of different countries!

We went worldwide this year and we have no plans of slowing down! Here are some of our 2020 Highlights as a company (because you have to remember the good with the bad!):

NAMM 2020

NAMM was literally We definitely felt like a small fish in a big pond, but we got to meet so many incredible people, companies and more! It is SO CRAZY to think that over 100,000 got together for this monumental occasion, but we're so glad that it happened and that we had a booth. Leaving NAMM, we knew anything was possible (not gonna lie...our dreams did get crushed a bit BUT we stayed strong!).



One of our FAVORITE things is designing new products and releasing them into the world! We're stoked to say that we launched new necklaces, earrings, bracelets, keychains, drum keys and more!

In total, we launched over 30 new designs and expanded our product lines. Our 12 Bar bracelet, Dark Downbeat Necklace, Cross Stick Necklace, Full Circle Earrings and Drum Key were amongst our most loved products!



Are we on Cloud Nine? At times, it felt like it! Even through a crazy year. That's because we got to collab with some seriously amazing and talented bands and artists. Artists like Matt Greiner, Jessica Burdeaux, Recker and bands like Whitechapel and Broadside. It was quite the honor to work with these talented people and make some unique reclaimed cymbal goodness for their communities!


The best part of 2020 (other than staying healthy)? Was YOU! No joke, I CANNOT believe the support we experienced this year. As a small business that is currently run out of a spare room in my house, to be able to receive thousands of orders from all over the globe is quite literally a dream come true. And we can't do that without your support. If you ever ordered from us, gave us a follow, a review, told someone else about us, or are reading this - THANK YOU!! You don't know how much it means.


Thanks for reading! My name is Liz, a lefty drummer and owner of Full Circle Company. We take broken drum cymbals and turn them into jewelry, bottle openers, and drum keys. Check us out at